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Bird Sales and Events Australia-wide. Pet and aviary birds for sale.

Checklist for Event Organisers

email us

birdsalesandevents@gmail.com is the email to use. Save it to your contacts everywhere.

Send all sale or event details that you have as soon as you've decided the date. You can add or change anything at a later date. The most important points are the event name, the date (day, date, month, year), and the organising club's name. Claim the date first!

What to add to your ad

1. Event name as you want it known,


2. Event date in this order: day, date, month, year.


3. Venue address including state. No postcode.


4. Entry fee per person, including CU__free, i.e. 'children under add age', if applicable.


5. Exact opening and closing times for the public.

Link to your website

Adding a link to a club website is very useful if your site has info about the sale, like vendor fees and conditions, public liability insurance requirements, code of conduct etc. but just the sale contacts are ok too. The link can be your homepage or a dedicated sale page. We recommend that clubs keep the sale details on their website all year round. 

How soon do we add events to our site?

We usually need twenty four hours max to list your event, even with Telstra's crap internet speed!

You can email any changes at any time. We do recommend that clubs have one person as a contact with us, which can be a different person to the sale contacts. 

facebook links

You can also add a link to your facebook page especially if there is something relevant on it pertaining to your event or you will use it for event enquiries.

NOTE we do not link to facebook 'groups' because they usually require the viewer to be a member of the group to be able to see the posts.

What we don't include

Don't use superlatives or make exaggerated claims, e.g. biggest, best, largest, extravaganza, etc., they are irrelevant and unfair to other clubs. Use your ad to list facts about your event that will inform readers. We do reserve the right to edit all content submitted for inclusion on our site.

checklist for bird club sale organiser
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Contact form for event organisers

Event organisers can contact us using this form, or use the email in the dark blue area below. Thank you.

Thank you. We'll reply soon.

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